Monday, 3 March 2008

An idea

Out in the desert yesterday with our guide I discovered that one of the many things I hadn't realised about Arizona is that it is legal to carry a gun in the open without a licence........ except in banks and bars. Some people think that's too restrictive and are wanting to carry them in bars [yikes].

Inevitably I got to thinking just how this might work in Worcester Park..... packing tin to the Huntsmans on a Friday night could become a sport and I'm sure some would argue in favour of letting the yokels locals wipe each other out and leave the place to the rest of us.

Considering how many guns there are around out here there are remarkably few shootings......... obviously they have a level of restraint that wouldn't be matched if some of the hooded yoof of WP got hold of them.

Off to the baseball now (SF Giants v Texas Rangers for those with any interest)...... all in the name of work of course ;)

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