Monday, 3 March 2008

Greetings from Arizona

It's stupid o'clock here in Arizona but I thought I'd fire off some kind of blog post as an indication that I have survived the transatlantic travel (no thanks to BA or BAA!) though any talent for blogging may have fallen prey to the time zone and altitude change.

I went shopping in dowtown Scottsdale today and I am still reeling from a shopping experience that didn't pass a single charity shop at any point. the other bizarre thing is that there are statues on every corner of their downtown shopping area, consisting mostly of cowboys, horses, 'steers' and stuff like that. As a result culture shock has definitely set in and the lack of traffic jams, cold weather, and the like is taking a lot of getting used to. I did find a couple of tarantula holes out in the desert today but wasn't dumb enough to stick anything in them so have survived thus far unscathed.

The other thing that most Americans insist on telling me is that they didn't vote for Bush, they're embarrassed and very sorry.

It's Spring Training Baseball tomorrow, which for those in the know is an excuse to sit out in the sun and drink beer for three hours!

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Andy said...

you really are not going to believe this but I once spent a very enjoyable evening in the Huntsman with a cowboy from Arizona. I was living at home after splitting up from my girlfriend so it must've been '94-ish. I popped in there on my way home from work and he was at the bar being really loud buying people drinks, he was meeting someone from WP who had been delayed. All I can really remember was that he had really rough skin (like a cowboy should) I know this because he kept slapping everybody and that he really couldn't take the strength of the beer, he fell off his stool twice while I was there! Why are you in Arizona Brinkster?