Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dob a yob

While buying mice for Miss Brinkster's snake the other week in Pets Place on Central Road we spent a few minutes looking at the bearded dragon, gecko and tiny tortoise that were meandering around their vivariums. Fast forward to yesterday and the Local Guardian has an article on the theft of the tortoise from the shop on Saturday:

"The tortoise needs to be looked after carefully or it will die," said Mr Veal. "I am more angry than upset at the theft; that anyone can stoop so low."

Police are looking for four white youths in connection with the theft - two boys and two girls, aged 13-16, who were seen in the shop at the time.

One of the boys was about 5ft 2in tall and wore a dark hooded top. The other boy was slim with spiky blond hair and was 5ft 6in.

One of the girls was of medium build, 5ft 2in tall, with brown, bushy, curly hair. She wore a light coloured hooded top and blue jeans. There is no description of the other girl.

Apart from the obvious issue of the fate of the tortoise it's hard for small businesses to absorb these kind of losses and I'm all in favour of having more small businesses rather than less, so if you do get wind of who might have done it please call Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8649 3590, email worcesterpark.snt@met.police.uk or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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