Friday, 14 March 2008

Another mega-post

So much stuff has happened in Worcester Park over the last few weeks I've been hard pressed to keep up with it. Rather than let it pass me by I thought I'd give it a go:

Papa John's is now advertising for staff and the building work that is going on would suggest that they'll be done in a few weeks.

"Hair by Fiko" next to the station has now reopened and looks much the better for it. What this means for their offshoot barbers Ciarans on Central Road I'm not sure but I'm guessing we'll find out before too long.

There new plans in to build flats behind the "Household & Toy Warehouse" on Central Road (aka "Yoga Way"
Application No: A2008/59236/FUL
Area/Ward: A02NONSUCH
Location: Land Rear of 105 to 107 CENTRAL ROAD Worcester Park KT4 8DY
Proposal: Erection of a three storey building plus basement, comprising nine studio units, one 1-bedroomed and four 2-bedroomed flats. Provision of cycle and refuse stores and seven car parking spaces.
Applicant: Sultanglade Ltd
Web Address:

The last plans for Yoga Way never came off so let's see if these get any further.

Derren Brown's show in Epsom was outstanding and I'd recommend that if you're into that sort of thing, or just want an excellent evening out, you ought to get tickets to see him at the Garrick Theatre in May. The friend I took with me was totally blown away though the evening was slightly curtailed by leaving promptly at the end so I could be at Heathrow the following morning, an oversight on my part. We spent a good part of the time chatting with Andy Nyman, the director, so if you do go try and spot him as he's a very nice bloke and celebrated actor and magician in his own right.

On subject of Heathrow I've concluded that Terminal 4 is a pit and that BA and BAA are useless. Having used the fabulous Worcester Park station taxis to get me there (courtesy of Mr Tom Tom) I then used the e-ticket check-in and was advised by the efficient little machine that all I had to do next was to take my bag to the bag drop. The problem with that was that there were around 250 people in the queue and only four desks open, leading to a lengthy and very frustrating delay. When Terminal 4 opened donkeys years ago I remember many happy, untroubled journeys through there but it looks like those days are long gone. I'm considering Luton as my airport of choice now as it's now owned by BAA and doesn't have the same degree of silliness.

In the right hand column I've been toying with RSS feeds and email subscriptions. 20six used to offer email subscriptions, and I know many of you used them, but Blogger don't so I've thrown my lot in with Feedburner to give new, shiny feeds and the ability to receive emails whenever I post rather than having to keep coming back every so often. Do subscribe as it means you may be able to get early warning of those important Worcester Park events, such as catastrophic train problems ;)

That's all I can think of for now but in the meatime click here -


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. Flew to Chicago a week ago from Heathrow Terminal 4 with BA and used the fast check in service...only to que for ages to use the bag drop desk! What a waste of time! One guy tried to use his machine and twice his card got stuck so they upgraded him! Jammy bugger...

The Brinkster said...

You have my every sympathy. It was such a detestable experience I'm only entertaining the thought of holidays that can be arrived at by car, train, etc but not plane (unless they go from Luton or a non-BAA airport). I'm even contemplating a road trip to Greece.... that's how bad it was.

I'm sure Chicago must've been worth it though!?!?!

Jennifer said...

Lol, trying to collect my baggage and meet my cab on the way home was even worse. We waited ages for the luggageand when I finally got it I was up and down in lifts and car parks trying to find the pick up point in DEPARTURES! The cab driver and I were getting really annoyed!

Chicago was excellent though, worth all the hassle. I'm off to Tenerife in 2 weeks supposedly with BA but its been changed to Easyjet... not sure if thats a good thing or not? Thats from Gatwick so hopefully it will be better... well I can hope :)