Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Epic fail

Wow! That has to rate as one of the least successful attempts to resurrect a blog known to mankind, and it was all going so well up until then! 

By way of explanation when it all went silent I was heading to and fro to the Royal Marsden in Sutton for tests on a lump in my back over a period of weeks. Happily that all turned out to be fine but then I was almost immediately got taken out by a virus for a month. Once recovered I set about a mass of DIY and then rehearsing a band for a gig which took up all of my time though once that was I done I picked up another virus for a few weeks which was then followed by a kidney infection that took nearly a month to sort out! Plus I watched some football as there seemed to be lots of it on the TV for some reason. With all my blogging intentions now shattered like old plates in a Greek restaurant it's been difficult to know how to start back but here goes!

Among the exciting things I've let pass without comment are the new bridge at the station, the roadworks currently causing intermittent frustration and, well, everything else that's happened. I did intend to start writing more recently then this and attended a local fair with a camera and good intentions but one contributor's painful rendition of "Waltzing Matilda" left me so emotionally scarred I couldn't find it in myself to refer to the event as to do so would necessitate mention of said awkward incident. But now I have. Damn. 

As well as keeping the NHS busy I've managed to play and listen to an awful lot of music, take thousands of photos and lots of legally prescribed tablets,  and attend a fair selection of gigs (can you name the band?).
So anyway, I'm writing this from inside a Central London Costa on a cloudy summer lunchtime and while I still live in Worcester Park I find these days I'm less intrigued by your summer/winter fair or lost cat than I am about how you feel about them. I mean, everybody's got a story in them so I'm hoping to find some more interesting stories and situations to recount. I'm just hoping it's not more than six months until my next post tho... I'm not sure my kidneys could cope...

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