Friday, 22 August 2014

They painted it to match the clouds

On my way to the station yesterday morning my attention was drawn from my Kate Bush playlist (I have tickets for opening night on Tuesday! Oh yes!!!) to the railway bridge at Worcester Park station. Wait? Didn't it used to be covered in graffiti and crap or am I just imagining that? Maybe they did it months ago and I've only just noticed!

Apparently not. As the Sutton Guardian proudly trumpeted later in the day Network Rail has taken advantage of the roadworks disruption to paint the bridge an approved shade of regulation grey. Whether this is a demonstrable example of where our increased train fares go or a subtle attempt at government sponsored mind control wasn't mentioned. If it enhances the pervasive sense of calm around Worcester Park station then we'll know it's the latter.

In other news partner blog Richmond Transits reported on some eye-watering behaviour from their local Papa Johns
We witnessed a pretty shocking behaviour from pizza delivery firm Papa John today. After one of its delivery man was knocked off, it sent another employee to collect its pizza's, leaving his colleague behind as he was being attended by three ambulance crew.
Grammatical error aside I'd be pretty miffed if I was the injured delivery driver left at the side of the road by a company prioritising product over people, although on reflection I would rather be treated and comforted by three trained medical professionals than one of my colleagues. I'd be interested whether that would be the case if the accident happened in Worcester Park...

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