Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Worcester Park renovation consultation

Is there an election coming up or something?? There seems to be a sudden upsurge in interest in the welfare of Worcester Park and although I'd love it to be because they've recognised us for being the fine, upstanding community that we are the part of me that sometimes reads Private Eye suspects there may be an ulterior motive.

First we were told that the long-promised traffic-light synchronisation was on its way, and more recently we've been told that there may be funds for flood defences in the offing. Now the dearly beloved recipient of all our Council Tax payments, the London Borough of Sutton, has started a consultation on a proposed £400,000 renovation of Worcester Park in conjunction with Kingston Council.

In a joint initiative between Sutton and Kingston Councils, residents are being asked what improvements they would like to see in the area. Their views will help create a plan that may include more pedestrian crossings, improved lighting and more street trees.
The public will also have their say on more extensive changes such as controlling the speed and number of cars that are allowed down certain roads. The streets being considered for improvement are Green Lane, Longfellow Road, Lincoln Road and Central Road.
The project is being funded by Transport for London under a scheme called Streets for People. It aims to improve the quality of local areas and make them a place where people feel comfortable walking, cycling and shopping.

Even Merton Council get to have a word in there:
Cllr William Brierly, Cabinet member for Planning and Traffic management on Merton Council said: "Although the consultation will not affect roads directly in our borough, any resulting improvements will impact on Merton. We support Sutton and Kingston in this initiative which should result in a more pedestrian- and cycle-friendly environment.
"We would welcome an improved pedestrian and cycle route joining Green Lane with Lower Morden Lane and Garth Road which would create better access across the borough borders. I would encourage as many people as possible to get involved and make their voice heard."

A little more information can be found in the local committee minutes from November 2009 here (point 940).

Unfortunately the page sharing this piece of news doesn't have a link to any consultation document or suggestions on how the likes of you and I can get involved and using the Sutton web site's search feature with the words "Worcester Park" and "£400,000" doesn't provide any information so perhaps one of our friendly local Councillors could point us in the right direction? As the consultation started on Monday and only runs until the 12th March it'd be a shame to miss out on the chance to put a word or two in.


@JasonJHunter said...

Hi Folks,

I am trying to find out where you can offer your consultations and ideas on this proposal - will let you know ...

If you have some great ideas for spending some of this, then please bring them along to:

Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee
Thursday, 4th March, 2010 7.30 pm

Proposed Venue: St Bede's Conference Centre, St Anthony's Hospital, London Road, Worcester Park

Contact: Angela Guest, Area Co-ordinator, Tel:020 8770 5122, Email:



@jasonjhunter said...

Update - there are now links to an online survey and the overview of the project for those interested in taking part in the consultation.

can be found here: