Friday, 12 February 2010

Running scared?

As I came up Central Road towards Brinkley Road last night I was surprised to see movement from the roof of Beds To Go, next to Costcutter. The movement that caught my eye was a teenage girl running along the edge of the roof and then back down out of sight. I paused, camera in hand, but she didn't make a reappearance and I took the lack of screaming to mean that whatever feat she'd wished to accomplish she'd most likely managed it successfully so I went home. I'm not sure if it was a teenage prank or an outbreak of parkour (free running) in Worcester Park but if I see anyone up there again I'll let you know.

Like a moth to the flame Google Blogsearch has drawn me towards the posts by Michael Shilling about a photo shoot he did up at the new Klass hairdressers on Central Road. Part one was about the lighting setup and part two is about the workflow and retouching process so whether you're interested in photography or simply interested in what Klass are up to then do take a look. Kudos to Klass for having their own photos done rather than getting something off-the-shelf! Worcester Park old-timers Sean Hanna must be feeling the heat as they're offering 50% discount on a cut and blow dry with "New Generation" stylist Kelly Mudge, Tues-Thurs (9am-2.30pm) with a web only voucher from MyVoucherCodes. Hmmm..... who to trust my luscious locks to now??.....

Families the Kingston side of the railway may be interested in one of their Council's events to celebrate this weekend's Chinese New Year:
Old Malden and Surbiton Libraries are offering Chinese-themed craft events for children, to celebrate Chinese New Year on the 14th of February. The drop in sessions cost just £1 to cover the cost of materials. The sessions run on the following dates:
Old Malden Library: Tuesday 16 February 2.30pm to 4pmChurch Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7RD

I'm sure they'd let in people from other boroughs too....

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Michael Shilling said...

Thanks for the links to PhotoCreative365.

Hopefully we'll have something for the Klass window soon. Billy, the owner is a talented fella (ex-Rush) and being a fellow Worcester Parker my wife will be heading (excuse the pun) there soon!