Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Doris Venner v Ofsted

Two posts in two days!?!?! Surely not!!!

You're right. Not.

This came in from Sue last night and as a couple of the Brinksters went to Doris Venner in the deep and distant past I thought it worth posting though, to be fair, I didn't know they'd had a bad Ofsted until I got the email. I don't fancy digging out the whole report so can anyone fill me in on the background?? Here's the unedited Sue:

Looking at the recent Ofsted report for Doris Venner, you wouldn't think you were reading about the same Pre-school. The report, the 'ridiculous' findings and it's total inaccuracies have led to the Manager embarking on a lengthy, substantial and extremely stressful complaint procedure. The whole Doris Venner team should be commended on how they run the pre-school, the way they co-ordinate their vast curriculum and more importantly how they ensure the happiness, safety and well being of all our children. I know for a fact, irrespective of Ofsted, that is surpasses many of the other local pre-school settings. The children that go to and have been at Doris Venner are so much more sociable and happier than other children and I am so lucky to have been offered a place for my child. I've already had my 2nd child’s name down since he was just 2 months old...and there it stays! Please join me in supporting our local pre-school, DORIS VENNER. Together we can actually make a difference, and prove just how inaccurate the latest Ofsted report is. The damming report could damage the future of Worcester parks best pre-school....and I'm sure none of us want to see that at all.

To Maria and the team, Keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job, we the parents, existing and previous, are here to help you fight, Sue Watkins - A very happy Mum indeed!"

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NS said...

My daughter is at Doris Venner and we also couldn't be happier. The Ofsted report they received was, as far as anyone can tell, completely down to a grumpy, unprofessional, vindictive Ofsted reporter who was in a bad mood because her car had been dinged in the car park beforehand. I'm glad that DVP are fighting this and hope they are successful in getting the report rescinded and the Ofsted reporter disciplined for her unprofessional and damaging actions. The parents at DVP are behind the staff all the way.