Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's just not cricket

If you want a chuckle you might want to read Quadrant Cricket Club's description of playing Worcester Park Cricket Club recently. It seems as though the hallowed turf of a cricket pitch isn't universally respected in South West London, Battersea in this case:

"There was a fair crowd lining the boundary, too, and the ICC's global committee will have learnt a few things if they had ventured to SW London to witness the cosmopolitan crowd on show. Admittedly, Quadrant had around 20 of its own while the other 100 were soaking up the sun, but they soon knew a game was on when Edmunds and Arbee stroked the ball onto one girl’s back, through sunbathing chicks and then dangerously close to happy families lounging beyond long-on.From here the game turned. Worcester Park’s ‘Uncle’ called a mid-pitch meeting and urged the game to be scrapped – citing a dangerous pitch and safety of the locals – before a compromise was set at 25 overs each"

"Quad had to deal with several unexpected sightings in the field. They might well have been put off by a gaggle of single mums walking their pitbulls and Rottweilers across the pitch as well "

At least I think it was at Battersea...

Quadrant Cricket Club

Worcester Park Cricket Club

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