Friday, 3 April 2009

The Green Tardis comes in peace

Having spent much of the week avoiding flying glassware in the City I'm glad it's the weekend, but I'll put that celebratory cup of coffee outside a cafe on Central Road on hold if the Sutton Guardian's got its facts right

"Pollution levels in Worcester Park, which are already running at alarming rates, would be further increased by the Hamptons development, new figures show. Research for Sutton Council, by traffic consultants Atkins, found that Central Road in Worcester Park was already exceeding national and European standards for nitrogen dioxide by 3 per cent. Work by the consultants has revealed St James Homes’ plans to build the new housing development would push this to 5 per cent. At 3 per cent, the public’s health is already at risk. Breathing in raised levels of nitrogen dioxide can increase the chances of respiratory problems and can have particularly harmful effects on people with asthma "

Sutton Guardian

The Green Tardis

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Michael said...

I say pull down the existing hamptons one by one until the we reach at least -1% below the national standards and plant trees in their place!