Thursday, 9 April 2009

Boom and bussed.

It's nearly Easter Bank Holiday weekend and those of us who aren't jetting abroad might take a look at the somewhat gloomy-looking weather forecast and decide to forget the beach and the sunny walk and think that it'd be a good opportunity to get up to London to, perhaps, visit a museum, stroll around the shops or maybe take in a show.

Ermmm, no. Think twice.

SW Trains are celebrating the weekend by extending their recent weekend engineering activity across the whole Easter weekend, meaning that the only thing arriving or leaving from Worcester Park station between Friday and Monday will be the buses of the rail replacement service. If you have the bright idea of getting to Wimbledon and escaping the bus service on the District Line don't bother, that's out between Wimbledon and Wimbledon Park as well with the ever-present bus service as a replacement. You could always catch the bus to Morden and go on the Northern Line, but only as long as you didn't want to go any further north than East Finchley as the rest is closed for... you know what's coming... engineering works.

I hope that news hasn't dampened your weekend plans and I do hope you have a great weekend!

SW Trains Engineering Works

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The Parkerilla said...

Someone once asked me what my "Room 101" choices would be and my automatic first choice was replacement bus services.