Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Last week Mr & Mrs Worcester Park Blogger and myself met up for an evening out while Mrs Brinkster was busy with other things. I'd suggested dinner in the Huntsmans having been there before but when we got there we discovered that the chef had long since left, the Sky TV was off because the bill hadn't been paid and the stock was being run down as they're up against the ropes and hoping to get a new owner. The assistant manager mentioned that takings were now a fraction of what they used to be but that they'd had a procession of people in to look at it so here's hoping for a Huntsman's revival (or should that just be 'vival'?) as it's one of Worcester Park's oldest pubs and was a really quiet place to have a drink. I've always thought it could be such a nice pub in the right hands. After a quick drink of whatever-they-had-left we headed up to Silks (now booking for Christmas!) and had a great time eating there instead.

Other pubs in Worcester Park seem to have music on their minds with The Drill having Rik Martin on Friday and Radio Jackie's Northern Soul Night on Saturday. Also on Saturday the North End Tavern will be featuring Serve Chilled, a four-piece blues/rock/jazz band on and the Cazbar's sure to have something going on as Carey likes to keep the calendar ticking over.

Remember to watch the English Civil War drama The Devil's Whore on Channel 4 tonight as it's had some good previews! Chances are the England game won't be anything worth watching anyway...

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