Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I hear you knocking....

The headlines today are about the membership list of the BNP leaking onto the internet and whatever your feelings about the BNP I think everyone recognises there are a fair number of people out there who are not sympathetically inclined towards their aims or methods. Because of that there are a couple of households in Worcester Park who may be feeling somewhat nervous around about now.

I won't link to any information here but if you use your l33t Google-fu skillz you're sure to find something.

It's a dramatic example of why to be cautious about who you give your personal details to. Her Majesty's Government may lose them by accident but controls can be put in place mitigate that, however if someone's determined to leak the information then it's going to be leaked, whether it's your political affiliation or online shopping details. In that vein I'll leave you with this:

Several years ago, during the United States Senate hearings on the nomination of Robert Bork to be a member of the Supreme Court an investigator opposing the Bork nomination managed to secure Blockbuster's records of the movies Judge Bork watched. Opponents also got access to his reading habits and began to draw certain conclusions about Judge Bork's mental processes. How wrong it would be to make a judgement about an individual's qualifications to be Supreme Court Justice based upon his or her personal reading or viewing tastes. How many of us would wish to be subjected to similar scrutiny? Not surprisingly, Judge Bork was not confirmed.


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