Thursday, 20 November 2008

Home Show

My regular trawl of the internet has thrown up another TV reference to Worcester Park, this time from Channel 4's recent Home Show.

"On to tonight’s show, George Clarke travels to the heartland of suburban London, home to financial consultant Grant, Mum Jo and their two daughters, five year old Isobel and two year old Daisy. "

Heartland of suburban London indeed! Click on the image below to view the gallery on the Home Show website.

The Channel 4 site isn't particularly forthcoming with schedules for the programme but it looks like it can/will be viewed using their "4 on Demand" thing.

Old timers will remember the visit from Location, Location, Location some time back but this is the first showing on TV for a while, unless you know better?


Michael said...

We used to live in one of those houses at the bottom of the Worcester Park hill. Very Cool!
Maybe with all the local publicity the house prices in Worcester Park will hold..... *pleeeease*

Andrew Stansbury said...

You can find it here:

Not the most exciting show and I didn't see much of Worcester Park.