Thursday, 14 August 2008

The worst thing about holidays.....

.... is coming back.

I've always been of the opinion that when someone goes on holiday any work they had to do should either be dealt with by their colleagues or just disappear into the mist and never been seen again. No such luck. I've spent my week doing last week's work and this week's work which I can offer as my only feeble excuse for not posting sooner.

First things first I'm pleased to see that long time commenter The Parkerilla has got his own blog going and I'd recommend you to give it a read over here.

Both he and The Worcester Park Blogger have done admirable service to the Classic Bus Day in Worcester Park so I'd recommend you go and have a look at their posts on the subject to see all the pictures. I wandered down to the station to have a look as I was on my way to Sutton but ended up catching a regular TFL 213 (it arrived first, OK) but did manage to catch a Classic 213 back. I've been in some ostentatious cars in my time but few of them received the kind of admiring and bemused attention than that bus did on Sunday so well done to everyone at Red-Rf for a great day.

On Saturday afternoon I spotted a sign out on Central Road.

It was Sutton Council rather belatedly consulting the public on their recycling policy, by which I mean why you now have to pay £35 to get your garden waste recycled. I did pop in and pick up a consultation questionnaire, along with a number of others, so I can take my part in the democratic process. If you didn't see the sign on the day or see any advance notification that they were going to be there I think I may have found out one reason why:

This is the sign at the junction of Green Lane and Central Road entitled "Waste and recycling policy - have your say"..... perhaps someone should have used waterproof ink!?!? For any fans of the late Douglas Adams I think this could be called consultation, Vogon style.

Lastly the shop next to Papa John's is going to be Cycle Power.

Although Worcester Park has tried and failed to have a successful cycle shop before perhaps they've got their timing right given the current fuel price situation and I hope they'll make a success of it. Having a cycle shop pretty much at the end of Brinkley Road will certainly be handy for me anyway!

Let me know what else I've missed on my week (or so) away!

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The Parkerilla said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog Brinkster, since then I'm pretty sure someone has actually looked at it. If there's a chance someone might actually read what you're writing it changes things .. the pressure ... the pressure!