Friday, 22 August 2008

Sutton Council - one man down

Some of Worcester Park, including my particular bit, is under the auspices of Sutton Council and there are a number of great Councillors in Sutton but, as you may have read inferred from some of my previous entries, there seem to be some who don't seem to have the people of Sutton at heart. Having sat through a number of Council meetings now I can entirely sympathise with one Councillor who according to the local Guardian is packing it in because "The last two or three council meetings have literally descended into a circus, with name calling, backstabbing and general bitchiness behind the scenes", which seems to be an insiders view of the same things that I saw and heard at the last Executive meeting.

However the Guardian does go on to mention:
A political source said: “Obviously losing the fire in his belly won’t stop Coun Pickles hanging on the council for dear life until May 2010, by which time he would have trousered about £17,000 in members’ allowances.
Which either back up what he said about backstabbing machinations or suggests that the Council might prosper without him. Who to believe?

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