Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Worcester Park's tenuous link to Z list celebrity

As mentioned in my last post Worcester Park will soon have a new shop when "Cycle Power" opens up in the unit next to Papa Johns and they now have a website up, which can be found here. It links off to another site called "Pedal in The Right Place" which provides cycle training for children and adults and in their news section they mention that Cycle Power is due to open at the end of August. Another thing they mention in their news section is that their head instructor, Fred Ellis, recently made an appearance on Big Brother teaching one of the inmates housemates to ride a bike, as the local Guardian noted.

In other news red-rf.com, the folks behind the recent Classic Bus Day, have a review of the day on their website and have issued a request for pictures to add to the archive. If you do have pictures to offer, or just want to read the review, then head over here. They estimate that there were some 8,000 to 10,000 passengers on the assorted buses, which is quite a result. Are you reading this Boris?


Boris Johnson said...


The Brinkster said...

Thanks Boris.

By the way, I saw the programme and was sorry to hear about your Grandfather.

Boris Johnson said...

It was a long time ago. Time heals.

Michael said...

Lets just hope that time heals the damage that you have caused by opening your mouth at the olympics with over 3+ billion viewers watching you the dress what can only be be described as scruffily and then insult chinese with your 'speach'!
...also I hear you are now removing the benefits deal with venezuela ...becaus some of your freinds felt 'uncomfortable' about it!!! ...what a buffoon