Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sex addiction and another Worcester Park blog

It seems another Worcester Park blog has snuck in under the radar in the form of 'sweetladymills' blog entitled "Worcester Park surrey". She's started off with a couple of links but hopefully there'll be some genuine posts up there soon!

In other news the local Guardian has a story about a New Malden resident who's rather cast the place in a bad light:

A sex addict driver on the hunt for a prostitute nearly killed two police officers when he deliberately drove the wrong way down the A3 at night, with no headlights, in a desperate attempt to flee the police.

Otuo Abebrese, 30, from New Malden, had been disqualified from driving by Kingston magistrates less than a month ago.

But he told police he was a sex addict and, on the night of December 5, he had not been able to sleep and had decided to drive to find a prostitute in Shepherd's Bush.
In court, the magistrates' faces dropped when the facts were read out and the lead magistrate said: I am disgusted. Get out of my sight!'"

Do go and read the story as it's scary/unbelievable what he was preparted to do to get away.

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