Thursday, 13 December 2007

Baker's Oven, cats and dolls

Making the most of the fact I've got the day off I strolled down Central Road this morning on the way to the sorting office to see what's what. Nearly a month ago I posted that the Bakers Oven was being refurbished so I thought I'd show you the before and after

Liking the new sign. Very smart!

With an eye to wider events Alfie the cat's gone missing on the Worcester Park/Stoneleigh border so take a look if you live near there in case you can help (or just like cute cat pictures).

Lastly the prize for the most bizarre Worcester Park reference goes to.......[drum roll please]........ The Doll Palace, which is about "The art of making cartoon dolls (dollz) and Doll Makers" and invites visitors to "Use our huge dollmaker dress up games to create personalized dolls and send them by email".
I'm trying not to get too creeped out here but I know you're wanting the Worcester Park reference:
"I knew I wanted Toby and nobody else. So I ran. Went to the station and got off at Worcester Park."
"Worcester Park?"
"Thats where Toby lives."

If you want to find the rest (including the unsubtle innuendo) you'll have to use Google.

If anyone's interested in the possibility of a pub crawl from the bottom from the Worcester Park to the North End tavern do let me know.........

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Anonymous said...

One the news of shops changing. I just want to say bye bye to Mr. Ali (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) of Read and Write. The new owners have now taken over and i wish them all the best.