Friday, 7 December 2007

Quiet week - non WP related

After the Hamptons proposal being knocked back on Monday it seems to have been a quiet-ish week in Worcester Park. Rather than post something completely inane (well, more inane than usual) I thought I'd introduce to you the "BCB Wall Breaker".

In my professional travels I come across some fabulous (and some not-so fabulous) gadgets and at an exhibition this week the must-have boys toy rapid entry equipment was this. You fill up a normal water cooler plastic bottle, stick it in this thing and bring it up to 200psi and 'boom', bring the house down! There is a video demo of this thing in action but I can imagine it came to life when a couple of bored techies were sat around (probably watching Braniac) and saying to each other "Hey, if you can use water pressure to power a vehicle maybe you could blow a hole in a wall with it!".

I can't think of a single occasion where I'd find one of these useful but I still get the overwhelming urge to want one anyway....... It's rare that I find something so cool and yet bizarre/ridiculous all at once.

Any WP news anyone or can you top that for a pointless/niche gadget?

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