Friday, 20 July 2007

The Silence of the Wii

Sorry all. Had the good fortune to win a Nintendo Wii in a competition and since it arrived on Monday the Brinkster Clan has been held in the kind of hypnotic thrall that Paul McKenna could only dream of.

As a result I've entirely failed to blog about the lovely neighbour's bbq we went to last Sunday, the unmarked Ford Galaxys that appeared in Brinkley Road on Monday with lots of Police in them looking as though they were going somewhere local to enforce something, and the continuing work on 'The Rose Spa' and the sewing machine shop on Central Road.

Incidentally, has anybody noticed that the shop next to the sewing machine shop also has work going on? I don't think it's related but don't have any other ideas as to what it might be either.

Disappointingly there's no sign of action on the Bikehut front. Maybe nobody wanted to work there.......

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