Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Plus ca change.... c'est la meme chose

In casual conversation with one of the local constabulary late last night he was bemoaning the fact that he was still on duty half an hour after he should have knocked off, which he put down to a "busy evening at the Huntsmans". As regular readers will know I have mentioned the Huntsmans Hall once or twice before but it seems like the new management are having a tougher time than had been hoped for. Apparently most of the old-timers have moved on but it's the local "yoof" who apparently take personally the staff's enforcement of the drinking laws in respect to age.

Shame really as it would be nice to have a pub near the station that's not illuminated amphibian green.

On a sadder note the 6th July marked a whole year since worcesterpark's last blog entry. For those newer to this blog he was the original WP blogger and the one who christened me with the Brinkster name. Go on over to his blog and leave a note, in amongst the comment spam, and see if we can get him to relent from his blogging abstinence.

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