Thursday, 12 July 2007

Lights and sirens on Brinkley Road

When I got home yesterday I noticed that our bins hadn't been emptied, but that some of the plastic bags that had been out further up the street had apparently gone. Thinking no more of it I retired to my chair in the living room of Brinkster Central, where Mrs Brinkster related to me the events of the day.

Apparently (she having heard the story from a neighbour herself) the bin lorry had turned into the top of Brinkley Road and the bin men were going their allotted tasks. Somehow a new, but not much loved, resident of Brinkley Road managed to squash/crush one of the bin men between her car and a van. Apparently she just sat stock still in the car, not moving, while another neighbour rushed out and attempted to move the van to get the man free.

Cue traffic chaos and blues and twos with the Paramedics, Ambulance and Police arriving, then council supervisors surveying the scene and the bin lorry being removed as evidence. I don't know if this story will make the local press but it's certainly got the residents of Brinkley Road going.

Don't know what's going to happen to our rubbish though.

(This is brought to you via neighbour-speak so I can't prove that all/some/any of the above information is actually true)

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