Thursday, 28 June 2007

Unexpected restraint

In relation to my previous post in a moment of clarity the girls of Punterlink have persuaded the original poster to edit the miscreant's details, which means I don't mind giving you the link to it.

The only other news of note seems to be the £1million fraud trial of a Worcester Park man who defrauded mortage companies and councils alike. I can't see him getting off the hook for that one.

One piece of trivia is that addition of some new masts to the phone Exchange for a variety of mobile operators apparently. I won't ask whether that's "in addition to" or "in place of" existing ones but perhaps if they're powerful enough they'll sterilise anyone who hangs around the phone boxes on the corner of Green Lane for too long.......

As I passed it on the way to the station this morning I noticed that the new beauty salon in Mademoiselle is taking shape so I hope to have more news about that before too long.

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