Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Oooh!!! Cheeky!

[EDITED 21/06/07: link to Passado didn't work so replaced with new one, but you'll have to scroll down on that page to see the entry I'm on about.]

I was meandering through Google image search for images of Worcester Park when I came across a couple that were fondly familiar, having been taken with my own fair camera and posted to Flickr:

What wasn't quite so fondly familiar was the blog that they were appearing on, which is here, which bears distinct resemblance to my own entries here and here. I thought for a minute about assuming an air of righteous indignation but then decided I'd put it down as being a significant moment when Worcester Park news is being snarfed to be shared around (dare I use the word 'popular').

Anyway, seeing as it's evidence of other blogging life in WP all I can say is "C'mon Paul Jones. Get blogging!!".

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