Tuesday, 26 June 2007

An eye-opener

To the left you should see a link to Google Blogsearch, which is where I get some interesting info on what's going on in or around Worcester Park. Normally it's about the cricket/football/knitting club or homes for rent/sale but today there's an entry from an 'Escort' about a Worcester Park punter who (allegedly) fleeced her.

It's on a site called "Punterlink" and describes itself as being and "International Escort and Strip Club" guide. She gives pretty much all the info you'd need to know to track him down to his abode in the Hamptons but rather than link to it here just click on the Google Blogsearch link on the left and it should be there (though you may need to expand the date range and add a word or two to the search). The site itself is Not Safe For Work.

Bit different from the normal WP activity............

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