Wednesday, 18 April 2007

That didn't take long

I know you've been gagging for your latest installment of Worcester Park life, as gagging is frequently cited as a reaction to the content. Apologies for that but I've been poorly so haven't felt like it, but hopefully this will make up for it.

Yes, it's over. When I went to work yesterday morning the counter of the Worcester Supermarket had gone, together with all the valuable stuff, and when I came home they were boarding it up. That has to rate as the shortest and most spectacularly bad business idea to grace Central Road in living memory and I can't say I'm going to miss it. Well, I could, but I won't. Mr Ink next?

In other news the "To Let" sign above the former Kinder Cafe has gone and Mrs Brinkster spotted someone in there yesterday so it's possible there could be some action there shortly.

It sounds like the developers of the Hamptons are looking to build more than the previously agreed number of houses on the land and have set up public meetings to explain their plans. I have two main issues with this. 150 extra dwellings could mean roughly 150 extra cars trying to get onto Central Road in a morning, which is bad. The other thing is if you want to visit a friend in the Hamptons you need to get a visitor's parking pass. assuming you have more than two friends this is going to mean that some, most or maybe all of them have to park on Green Lane which will mean:
a) Annoying the neighbours on Green Lane and,
b) Acting as a magnet to car thieves and vandals.

Just a thought.

Lastly, if anyone knows any easy way to export all of my 20six entries then I might move all of the content to Blogger or Wordpress. Any ideas?

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