Monday, 23 April 2007


Terry Major-Ball

Long-struggling elder brother of John Major who serenely endured a brief unwanted celebrity

Terry Major-Ball: born Worcester Park, Surrey 2 July 1932; married 1960 Shirley Wilson (one son, one daughter); died Chard, Somerset 13 March 2007.


For a long time it thrived, the family lived pleasantly in Worcester Park, Surrey, and business did not finally finish until 1962 when Terry was 30. But, long before then, Tom, an old Bohemian with very little insurance - 66 when his younger son was born in 1943 - would be struggling on in a business falling slowly into decline. A plan for sale which fell through created commitments. Tom insisted ruinously upon honouring debts instead of ducking into bankruptcy, which high-mindedness brought about effective ruin with family and works removed to rented rooms in 144 Cold Harbour Lane Brixton and a rented workshop nearby.


A former Worcester Park resident, hence the relevance, in case you were still trying to work it out.. I did notice the bit about "a business falling slowly into decline". That sounds like Worcester Park, even back then.

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