Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Roadkill cafe

Clan Brinkster departed the fair streets of Worcester Park and headed up to Norfolk last Wednesday, hence the lack of posts. I've been there enough times to know it well but one thing in particular did take me by surprise this time around, and that was the sheer volume of roadkill! It seems as though anything feathered or furry had surrendered to the attractive draw of the local tarmac and cast itself upon the oncoming traffic with unprecendented zeal with the aim of creating a memorial carpet along the local roads. I thought it could become one of those family travel games, "C'mon kids, lets play 'Guess The Roadkill'" but I didn't try it out on the rest of the clan, though my young daughter did display a fascination for describing the last repose of a (fortunately intact) rabbit by the side of the road as we whizzed past. Lucky she didn't see the other ones then.

On an entirely separate topic on returning to WP we were greeted by a now-open Caffe Picollo on Central Road, which looks great and, according to Mrs Brinkster, was doing a steady trade... particularly impressive considering the dearth of publicity. It has a deli inside taking up part of the space, which immediately increases the chances of getting us through the door! Looks like a welcome addition to Central Road, though I have to take this opportunity to say I actually saw a real customer coming out of the Worcester Supermarket having apparently bought something. There's a turnup for the books!

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