Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Dark Side takes Worcester Park by storm

Times are apparently hard for the Empire and because of their costly fixation with ever larger and more powerful, yet fatally flawed, space stations it seems that the lower ranks have had to resort to public transport as part of a cost cutting exercise. Austerity sucks....

A friend of mine was walking up Brinkley Road the other day only to find that she was following an Imperial Stormtrooper up towards Central Road. I feel that I should point out that this isn't a normal occurrence in Brinkley Road, at least not for me anyway, and with her curiosity suitably piqued she saw him cross the road and head to the bus stop outside Brabham Court to wait for a bus.

He obligingly posed for some photos and was apparently on his way to Richmond where I can only presume that a rebellion needed suppressing or a new weapon of mass destruction needed constructing. As you can see in the photos he did manage to catch his bus but those who know Stormtroopers well will suspect, as I do, that he was going for an earlier one.... but missed it ;)

Presumably he was a member of the 501st who cosplay as assorted Star Wars characters at various events and do lots of work to raise money for charity and other good causes, and to find out more go here -

Photos provided and used with permission. Copyright retained by original owner.

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