Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Panic at the deli #firstworldproblems

Taking in my early morning helping of news from the Evening Standard (spot the irony) a piece with the title "Shopper injured in deli counter scrum at south London Tesco" caught my eye. "Where" I asked myself "Is this going to be? Peckham? Lambeth? Perhaps Croydon?"

Nope. New Malden.

Our northerly neighbours don't come out as badly from the article as they could have done if the Daily Mail had got hold of it but then I can just about imagine what it would have looked like if Ricky Gervais had written the script for it.Here's an extract:
A supermarket shopper has called on Tesco to take action after he injured himself while scrambling for heavily discounted items in a south London store.
Oliver Sanders, 31, said doctors told him he had torn a knee ligament when he was hurt in what he described as a manic “free-for-all” at Tesco Extra in New Malden.
On Sunday, he said he was among more than a dozen customers jostling for discounted deli meat at the hot food counter after staff brought out reduced stock shortly before closing.
Really? REALLY??
He told the Standard: “I had my hands in a box when I was pushed up against the fridge cabinet. When they put the items in the fridges that’s when everyone goes nuts.
“It happened so quickly I probably had about three or four items in my hands but I wasn’t going for anything in particular.
I'd hoped we'd seen the last of this kind of stuff with the underwhelming Black Friday at Christmas but apparently not. I've never been near the deli counter in Tesco when they've been doing this so who am I to judge but I do inwardly despair for the future of the human race when people will shove others around for the sake of some discount deli items. Whatever next? Dawn duels at Waitrose?

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