Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Christmas Lights in Worcester Park

As I strolled down Central Road on the way to the station this morning the undeniably eye-catching new Christmas decorations on the lampposts... erm... caught my eye. I'm presuming they were put up last night as I have no recollection of noticing them on the way home yesterday and whilst I may have been displaying almost terminal levels of inattentiveness I would have remembered them if I'd seen them.

The first thing I noticed was just how big they are, particularly in contrast to the petite ones of previous years (shown below), and the second thing is just how low they are to the pavement! I'd guess at 10 feet tops but possibly 8?

Now I'm not suggesting this for a moment but given how low they are I'd be quite prepared to put a bet on
at one of Central Road's various gambling establishments that by the time New Year rolls around some over-lubricated reveller with have attempted to swing from one, with potentially disastrous results.


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