Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Mania Hits Worcester Park

Black Friday sign... is probably an exaggeration but the pet shop on Central road did have this sign outside advertising dog and cat beds for half price!

Ironically that's probably one of the best deals out there as trawling through Amazon's wall of tat this morning has turned up such eminently resistible offers as "Unibond Aero-360 Moisture Absorber refills - pack of 2" for £3.89 (61% off) and the "Catit Litter Tray Filters" for £3.48, either of which would make a loved one's face light up in Christmas morning... with incandescent rage most likely.

The extent to which this has taken hold in the UK is probably a marketer's dream as it was previously the preserve of the US for whom Black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving. Seeing as we don't do Thanksgiving in the UK, other than giving thanks for not having the prospect of Donald Trump being in charge of our country, we shouldn't have a Black Friday by a process of logical deduction. And quite how Black Friday has now been strung out over a whole week by some stores I have no idea!? I certainly couldn't get away with telling my boss that I was celebrating Christmas Day for a whole week and that's why I wasn't going to be in....

If you've found any astoundingly good deals in Worcester Park do let me know in the comments!

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