Thursday, 4 September 2014

Random Dumped Stuff - pt 2

One more for @lbsuttonnews
On my daily walk from Brinkster Central down Central Road to the station yesterday morning I found this box and pile of clothes strewn around the pavement. I don't know if this was a charity donation that had been hijacked by someone or was just dumped there though my feeling is that it's more likely to be the former (if people want to dump their rubbish experience suggests that they do at the top of Washington Road). Either way it's fairly depressing but I was cheered by the knowledge that the LB Sutton street cleaner makes his way down Central Road at roughly the same time that I do so was confident that it would soon be taken care of.

Is it me or does the problem of dumping seem to be getting worse? If you've seen anything dumped tweet me a pic to @brinkleyroad with with the hashtag #dumpedstuff

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