Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bailliffs Move In On Kingfish

Unfortunately it looks as though Kingfish has felt the impact of the financial downturn and competition on Central Road as there are notices in the windows to say that the property has been repossessed. According to the notes in the window the landlord had his bailiffs enter the property yesterday and secure it so it really does look like it's all over for Kingfish.

With Nefi's across the road open longer hours plus all of the other restaurants and take-aways in Worcester Park it probably was going to be a challenge to maintain a restaurant that only provided a conventional fish and chip menu but Kingfish has been more than just a restaurant to Worcester Park in that it's pretty much the first thing you see on Central Road when you come under the bridge due to its prominent location and obvious signage.

I'm definitely sad as it's been a regular spot for me when I've been on the way home late from the station or when Brinkster Minor was on the way back from football practice so he'll also be upset that it's gone.

Let's hope that we get something good there quickly as it's such a prime spot.

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