Thursday, 8 November 2012

Transport woe, doom and gloom

As if commuting wasn't thankless enough the deities of the transport world have visited poxes and plagues upon the travelling folks of Worcester Park. Firstly the local Guardian reports on the horrendous traffic delays that drivers experienced on Tuesday
 "One driver took more than an hour to drive from Worcester Park to the Fountain roundabout in New Malden where traffic started to ease. Cars were desperately trying to take shortcuts through back routes to avoid the jam.On Twitter, 213 Bus Diaries said this morning: "Traffic simply not moving in Worcester Park. 500 yds in 40mins, nothing in last 10. Why is noone interested in schemes to ease these jams?"
Next there were train delays affecting trains through Motspur Park yesterday causing delays to services in the morning rush-hour and beyond,

"Emergency engineering works at Motspur Park means trains between Raynes Park and Chessington South/Epsom are running around 20 minutes late."
This morning I see from Radio Surrey that there's been another accident on the A3 and that traffic is backing up as a result:
TRAVEL: A3 northbound between Malden Junction and Shannon Corner, 2 lanes closed due to an accident. Queues from Hook.
I long ago gave up on jobs that required me to drive anywhere and leave at a time of the morning that usually means that I avoid most train delays, including yesterdays, but that leaves me in the fortunate minority.

Does anybody here love their commute?

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