Monday, 12 November 2012

So what did you buy from the French market ?

I have to say that I immensely enjoyed the French Farmers Market on Saturday as it seemed to bring a bit of a buzz to Central Road with what seemed to be larger than usual number of people out in Worcester Park shopping. I don't know if that buzz rubbed off on any of the regular shops on Central Road so I'd be interested if you know whether it did or not.

As it was we shed a few shillings at the market as you can see from the photo with a couple of cheeses, one cute and one more 'adventurous' plus a selection of olives and some pickled garlic. It's all the kind of stuff we could have picked up from Waitrose but being caught up in the spirit of the occasion we wanted to support the stall holders, particularly as we know that the way they work is that they all get to vote on whether to return so if even one stall made a loss then they may choose not to come back. We'll see eh?

So what did you buy then?
Nice smelling things
A selection of mottled meats

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