Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nonsuch Park - The new Nonsuch Park cafe

Tap, tap.

You still here?

I'd have thought I'd have shaken off even the most devoted reader by now with my prolonged silence but I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Main cafe Anyway, we're not here to talk about me, we're here to talk about the the new cafe in Nonsuch Park, called the Nonsuch Pantry which is replacing the old cafe in the house and they're planning to open tomorrow, Friday 26th May.

They kindly let me in to take some sneak pics today as they're ready to open tomorrow and it'd be fair to say that they've changed a lot, as the photos show.

They've redone it in the style of the renovation of the Mansion interior and it certainly is spectacular. The counter and shelves are laden with all kinds of lovely things from Bovingdons, the caterers, that I'm looking forward to sampling but there are a few questions in the Brinkster household which, at this time, I'm singularly unable to give a conclusive answer.

Those questions are, in order,
1) "What about ice-creams?" (It does mention ice creams on their Twitter page but I didn't see any), and
2) "What about the slushee machine?"

Sorry. I can't help. I'd really like to, as those are two things that figure prominently in our Nonsuch walks so if those don't happen then the young Brinksters might be driven to head down there with pitchforks and blazing torches to give the management a seeing to. The arrangement inside is also different and I'm not sure whether there's more or less seating than before as I almost always used the tables outside , and I'm not sure if there's as much of that as before, but it's early days and I know they're feeling their way into this so what is there on day 1 is not necessarily the finished product and things will undoubtedly change. Helpful suggestions will, I'm sure, be welcomed.

In the meantime you can follow them on Twitter here and enjoy the jumble of pics that I'm left with because I've forgotten how to format the layout .
Main cafe Entrance hall


Andrew said...

It looks v nice. Looking forward to visiting and sampling the menu. The place realy did need a facelift....

Oh and good to see u posting again Brinkster.

parklover said...

The cafe looks beautiful but the coffee is very weak. Is there anywhere in Cheam that sells really good coffee? Please don't say Costa.