Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nonsuch Pantry - update

If you saw my post about the Nonsuch Pantry the other day you'll know I had a couple of questions and I've got a couple of answers.

Firstly there's loads of outdoor seating as, in addition to the tables I saw on Thursday they had some nice round wooden tables and chairs.

Secondly if you're not into artisan lemonades and the like then you can still get a can of Diet Coke!

Thirdly Brinkster Minor's very impressed that he could get a "Bambaccino" (Pizza Express customers should know what I'm talking about).

We didn't get as far as ice creams but their Twitter feed says they're going to do cones so I think all should be good there.

Brinkster Minor and myself sat on the benches in the entrance hall to have our drinks and it was interesting to watch people's first reaction when they walked in, which was normally "Wow", followed by "WOW" when they saw the main cafe itself. Prices compare favourably with the Starbucks and Costas of this world so if you've been do let me know what you think in the comments below.


Gill Till said...

I went to The Nonsuch Pantry today for the first time since it changed hands. I was pleased to see the plastic garden chairs had been replaced but the new ones are not very comfortable. I found the staff to be very friendly but by 1pm they had run out of sandwiches and there will still many hungry customers coming in looking for lunch. There were no alternatives, e.g. baked potatoes and they obviously don't make new sandwiches on site. They are missing a trick here. I saw one staff member eating what was probably the last sandwich and the others were eating and drinking their way through the food and drinks behind the counter - that was when they were not texting on their mobiles. The coffee was good but I won't go out of my way to return.

Anonymous said...

I too went there recently. A nice change, but I thought it was a bit of a "60 minute makeover". The reduced seating inside makes for even less customers during the coming wetter, colder months. What are the chances of a more permanent covering outside? A nice change, but a bit too much style over substance... Will go again, but only because I will be already in the park.

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