Saturday, 8 May 2010

No heat in the Hamptons?

I've heard rumour on the wind that there was a power cut down in the Hamptons last night and some suggestion that others there might have been without water too. Any solid news?

The Sutton Guardian is also reporting on the big water leak up on the Malden Road which has been causing traffic delays
"Traffic through Worcester Park has ground to a near standstill as Thames Water works to repair a leaking water main on Malden Road.

Work commenced yesterday and is not expected to finish until Tuesday morning.
Frustrated drivers have reported that it has taken an hour and a half to drive through Worcester Park and that when they got to the leak site there was no sign of men at

Anybody know if it's fixed yet?


Michael said...

not fixed as of 6.30am monday 19th may.
Traffic lights are still in use and only half the road usable.

Michael said...

Looks like they didn't do a very good job fixing the water leak. There is water on the road and a puddle forming again as of 6am today. There also seems to be another water leak on the slip road coming off the A3 southbound to the roandabout.