Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's all kicking off!

I see that there's been action inside the former Cafe Piccolo and in the gloom this morning it looked as though a lot of the chairs and tables have been removed, either to the back of the premises or possibly sold off to pay their debts. Mrs Brinkster says that she spotted a group of people in there last week looking around the place so perhaps something is going to happen in there soon..... perhaps.

Speaking of action one Worcester Park resident has got his name in the papers for all the wrong reasons, as the Sutton Guardian explains:

An angry football player attacked a referee after he was ordered off the pitch during an amateur match.
Darren Brown, 27, of Windsor Road, Worcester Park, pulled Peter Forshaw, of Eltham and kicked him in the arm during the Catford Power League game in September.
Mr Brown sought revenge on Mr Forshaw after he was sent off for an infringement on the pitch in Canadian Avenue, Lewisham, when his team, the Wandsworth Borough, were playing RBS.

In context it seems inappropriate to say that the Guardian's kicking a man when he's down but I doubt the next bit will be going on Mr Brown's CV any time soon:

Mr Brown was arrested five days later and police found a small amount of cannabis was found in an ash tray at his home.
Guy Dilliway-Parry, defending, said the assault happened because Brown had felt ashamed at being responsible for spoiling the match.
He disputed that Mr Brown, who has several previous convictions and was in breach of a suspended sentence for having drugs and a prohibited weapon, kicked the referee.


The Parkerilla said...

I walked past there this afternoon (Saturday) and there was a lot of activity going on, and some signs on the window that it would be shortly be opening as an Italian pizzeria called .. ( can't remember but something like) Avventura?



Anonymous said...

Bit silly opening a Pizza restaurant opposite Pizza Express!! Do these people not do any research first???!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely the old signage "Cafe Piccolo" must be a clue that an Italian pizzeria may well struggle to survive.