Friday, 11 December 2009

Tonight's the night!

Celebrities!? Big name acts!? Nope.. none of those. We're Worcester Park not some desperate-to-be-noticed town centre... we don't need THAT kind of superficial frippery!

Yes indeedy. Tonight is the Worcester Park Traders Association Christmas event on Central Road and I'm celebrating the day by being off work sick. Hopefully Superdrug will be one of the shops staying open late so that I can get a top-up if needed and assuming the (purely over-the-counter) drugs work I'll be out there with the crowds. It's normally the Brinkster Clan's cue to descend upon the stands like a horde of locusts and strip them bare of plastic, usually illuminated and frequently terminally fragile prizes, all in the name of religious celebration obviously.

If I'm really organised I'll get my phone charged up and tweet my way through the evening so if you're hip and connected then you might be able to track me down from my tweets. If not you should be able to have a chuckle at some of the photos when I put them up... eventually.

For more info I'd recommend you take a look at the Worcester Park Blog's entry on the subject and it's forecast to be cold so wrap up warm!

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