Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas fun

We had a really nice time at the Worcester Park Christmas Evening last Friday night and the little Brinksters loved it, as their volcanic reaction to being told it was time to go home indicated, but I've seen on the Worcester Park blog that some people weren't enamoured with the stalls and rides and some people considered the games and rides as 'dodgy'.

To show that the grass isn't always greener I thought I'd pass on a couple of, admittedly blurry, photos I took in the West End's Leicester Square last night where the featured Christmas entertainment for the throngs is.... you guessed it.... games and rides. There's the old "get an impossibly small hoop round an unfeasibly large block" game, throw [insert name of object] and knock down [insert name of other objects], assorted sizes of cuddly toys as prizes and basically the same things that we had last Friday, if on a somewhat larger scale (in a larger space).

I'm of the opinion that's it's always best to try and find joy in the little things so if people couldn't enjoy last Friday night perhaps it's more a reflection on them than necessarily on the evening as a whole but anyway, next year will be great because they'll all be volunteering to help out won't they?? ;)

We all ready for the snow? I notice the grit box at the top of Brinkley Road's been topped up so we're sorted!

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