Thursday, 20 August 2009

Yesterday's Todays (or "Why I hate Vodafone Mail")

Being a little bit of a gadgeteer I have a Nokia phone on a Vodafone that gives me 'unlimited' (whatever that means nowadays) mobile internet, amongst other things. One of my main uses for it is uploading pictures to various locations so I can email photos home or to Twitpic for example.

There's been a problem with this tho'. A few times I've emailed things and they've gone from the Outbox on my phone but then disappeared faster than you can say "dodgy canoeist" but, like a dodgy canoeist you know they must be somewhere... just not in my Inbox at home. I'd given up any hope of ever seeing them again until last Monday, 17th of August, when an email dropped into my Inbox that I'd sent on Monday 20th July, yes.... nearly a month ago. How bad does their email system have to be for it to take a month to get an email to me!?!?!?

I'll tell you how bad.

This morning, 20th August for those keeping track, I received an email that I'd sent myself on Friday 17th of July, OVER a month ago. In the generation of instant communication that's several lifetimes... even my fingernails grow at a rate faster than that email must have moved!!! I weep at the thought of insightful and fascinating photos and posts that you've been denied because of their tinpot mail system (OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating there but I'm still cross). In my attempt to work out where my missing email had been I checked the message headers of the emails and they had just been sat on one of their email servers for some reason, probably related to inefficiency and incompetence I'm guessing.

To be fair I still think they're better than O2 for a variety of reasons I won't delve too deeply into other than to say that when I went for a job interview down at the 02 office in Slough opposite the station many years ago they admitted somewhat shame-facedly that the strongest mobile signal you could get in the building was Vodafone.

I've changed my settings now and don't use Vodafone Mail. May it rot in peace.


Anonymous said...

Brinkster is one sad hombre sending e mails to himself indeed!

The Brinkster said...


"Hombre" is a quite a generous word. I'm sure people could come up with other alternatives...

I've stood on Central Road taking photos of Worcester Park shops, I've been out to the Christmas Shopping evening in torrential rain, I've even dressed up as Santa with the WPB on Central Road to help promote last year's Worcester Park Traders Association Late Night Event... after that sending emails to myself comes quite naturally ;)