Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I have seen the future

Mild chuckle alert from this morning's Metro where "business leaders" were warning against blocking fast-food outlets from opening within 400m of a school. Their dire prognostication was that:
"The move to block fast food outlets opening within 400m of schools, youth centres or parks will lead to streets 'riddled with charity shops and hairdressers' ".

Either we're living in the future or they haven't been to Worcester Park.......

A useful Christmas service from WH Smiths is the ability to order online but have the items delivered to your nearest WH Smiths branch rather than your home. This is useful for people who are out all day and can't take deliveries at home but also for those who don't have a problem with home delivery but don't want their kids or significant other to see what's arriving.

Any last minute shopping hints for me?

I hope your Christmas shopping's going well, if you haven't finished already.

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st phillip alleyer said...

quite agree brinketer,these whitehall wallys are sailing this country down the riand this was done because so ver.now if they had said no more slot machine arcades or kebab shops with fruit machine or video games in them,then i would understand,but no,theres no money in it for them so now kids will be used.the reason i say this ,is because my daughters have informed me that they have been fingerprinted at school their school;in apparent attempt to stop children truanting or being bullied or discriminated against,which in turn brought up an old memory that to this day has apparently not changed.but hopefully now they possibly could. it is the free dinner system and how you are supposed to aqquire the so-called token. i remember and i had it sporadically in the 70s that there was a real stigma attached to receiveing this meal ticket..to the point that sometimes i would not get the token at all{you know how spitefull some kids can be}not to mention you only had a ten minute slot to attain this ticket with all the other so-called tramps..my daughters tell me a near iddenticle systen is still in place today with maybe not so much stigma attached,but if by chance this new system of fingerprinting with a top up card,to monitor what is spent and possibly eaten,then it could be a good idea.apparently its being done to stop kids bringing money to school which i think is laughable.i mean how are you gonna play penny up the wall,odds and evens,or cards,or buy a fag.because these things happened then and still happen now..not to mention the stampedes for the tuck-shop and after school ice pole. st phillip alleyer