Friday, 23 May 2008

Morgenstern ach scheine auf die Liebste meine

Marvellous cameo moment in Worcester Park last night as I made my way up towards Brinkley Road having been to see the new Indiana Jones movie (which I'd recommend) after work. Badly parked on the corner outside KFC, that hub of community life, was a gleaming, much admired and very new Bentley. Bentley? KFC? Bentley? KFC? Words failed me....... and they apparently still do.

I notice they've replaced the old CCTV camera opposite Pizza Express with a new little ball-shaped one. I've blogged before about the general ineffectiveness of CCTV but won't repeat myself here. They probably want a clearer view of the traffic jams or the queue outside Bakers Oven.

Gosletts sale seems to be a bit of a damp squib from what little I've seen of it. Mrs Brinkster went there in search of a storage coffee table and the only option in there wouldn't have left her with any change from £400 whilst noted as being half price. It would probably help if you could actually see in the window as from the road they could be running an organ donation clinic for all you can see of the place.

Congratulations to all the Chelsea fans for not trashing Worcester Park in their grief on Wednesday night. I was out doing something else and got to Worcester Park just as I heard the penalties start on the radio and saw the anxious faces peering at the TVs in the Huntsman and Cazbar as I drove past. Any Man U fans can leave your John Terry jokes in the comments.

Lastly does anyone know what's happened to the Hamptons Blog?


Anonymous said...

Samaritans are offering counselling to all Chelsea fans. Call 0800 101010, that’s 0800 won nothing won nothing won nothing.

Anonymous said...

Unconfirmed reports from Stamford Bridge say that Chelsea will be releasing a new record at the end of the week, "I'm forever blowing Doubles"

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Hamptons blog moved to