Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday catchup

I've got lots to catch up on after a busy week. Saturday was spent beautifying the garden at Brinkster Central and on Sunday I took Miss Brinkster to see the A1GP at Brands Hatch for her first major sporting event. Her ever-insightful mind decided that she liked the idea of motor racing better than football because she could go and climb trees and wander around between races, which you couldn't do at a 'proper' football match, which reminded me of a recent article in the Times entitled "Everything I know about women I learned from a two year old". She enjoyed wandering down the pit lane and getting autographs from the various drivers and it was an excellent excuse to sit out in the sun for a whole day. She entered the spirit of the occasion and whooped with delight everytime someone dropped their car into the gravel and clapped with excitement at the post-race 'donuts'. Result!!

Monday was spent at Legoland, which wasn't as busy as I'd thought it might be and we had a fabulous time. If you haven't been there the rides are good (for kids) but the stunt show is brilliant and is not to be missed.

Anyway, in Worcester Park this week we've seen the return of Fort Huntsman with a new metal fence to either keep intruders out or keep the inmates in (see the big photo or click on the image below for detail)

You may recall the original Fort Huntsman last September with its less-than-effective wooden fence.

The fabulous weather of the week continued as the sun shone brightly on Brinkley Road yesterday, more so because someone had come round in the morning and chopped down a couple of the trees from the top of the road and left the stumps there wrapped in warning tape.

Mrs Brinkster did query the man doing the chopping but his response was "they're diseased" without providing any kind of details as to what kind of disease and how treatable it was/wasn't. One of the people whose house it was outside has apparently attached a note of protest to the stump, though I haven't seen it yet.

Lastly, in a piece of breaking news, Mrs Brinkster just phoned me to mention that Gosletts, the furniture shop at 63 Central Road, has just screened off the windows and has announced a 70% off sale starting next Friday, which sounds somewhat terminal......

Have a great weekend!!


NS said...

Ugh. I was just bemoaning the distinct lack of trees and greenery in Worcester Park the other day and now they're chopping down the few that are here. Wow, great, way to go. Let's just pave over everything, shall we? *grumble grumble*

Worcester Park said...

We could take all the trees, and put'em in a tree mu-see-um, and charge all the people 25 bucks just to see-um.

What do you reckon?

NS said...

WP, I'm glad to see you know your Joni Mitchell, you star.

Worcester Park said...

NS - damn that Mitchell woman. She pinches all my good ideas.

Brinkster - it appears from the window of Gosletts that they're closing for a 'refurbishment' sale, so perhaps their demise isn't imminent. Mind you, I seldom see anyone in the furniture shops of Worcester Park. It's a wonder that they survive.

The Brinkster said...

"They paved KFC, put up a parking lot"
[maniacal laugh]