Friday, 23 March 2007

Someone's smashed the window of KFC

Jamie Oliver is a suspect*

I'm guessing even the local Guardian would be hard-pressed to call that news, unlike this story about the cannabis factory that was recently discovered in Cuddington Avenue. I'm not quite sure which is more surprising...... the cannabis factory or the fact that somebody's found a way of starting a money-making business in Worcester Park that doesn't involve taking over one of Mr Devine's former premises. Coincidentally a quick Google shows up a Devine Interiors on eBay which was registered a year and a half ago and appears to have sold a whopping 99 items in that time........ no change there then. I always liked his shops and even bought stuff in there, but it wasn't going to be a great money-making scheme.

From other local blogs I see that Richard Sweeting has a recommendation on a good local curry that doesn't involve Central Road, though I know the Stoneligh Brasserie does a good one. The strangest blog of the week has to be from London Filth who shares a picture of "a banana, discarded under a seat on Worcester Park railway station in London, and beside it is a pool of phlegm, spat there quite recently by the look of it.". Mmmm.... yes..... thanks for that. And I thought taking photos of Central Road was strange enough.......

I did have a number of other things I was going to post about but the current sleepless behaviour of Brinkster Minor seems to have erased them from my memory..... but I can still remember Pi to 30 places.... strange how these things work.

* I don't know whether Jamie Oliver is or is not a suspect. That was merely a humourous device. Please don't sue me.

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