Friday, 30 March 2007

In the news

Just to keep the news coming a couple of Worcester Park residents have got themselves in the papers this week. Firstly an unnamed teenage girl was saved from hypothermia when found passed out in a supermarket car park by the local constabulary. As there are only two supermarkets in WP with car parks you can toss a coin.

The second is the 67-year old benefit cheat from Browning Avenue (which meets Brinkley Road at one end... local interest story) who took £40,000 in undeserved benefits. Name's in the article so I won't reproduce it here.

The vast majority of WP folk are amiable, law-abiding people so don't take the examples above as being the norm rather than the exception. Do feel free to dob in any drug-dealers, vandals, etc you might get wind of though.

Lastly, my money's on an early April opening for Caffe Picollo as their alcohol licence notice in the window quotes something like April 6th as the decision date.

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